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Residential and commercial real estate virtual staging.
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Work with Virtual Staging experts

Get the best virtual furniture staging solutions. Our team consists of professional designers and architects who know the secret of excellent virtual staging services – realistic and high-quality images that can be hardly differentiated from interior photographs. It takes a minimum of time to complete every project, so don’t lose an opportunity to let experienced and skillful designers with thousands of successful projects help you too!

Created for inspiration

Is it easy to encourage people to make such a costly bargain?

Made to impress

Virtual staging for real estate motivates buyers and helps them envision the home or its interior easily. Be outstanding and leave all your competitors behind! 

95% of clients look for property online: your listings will be more appealing and convincing for them!

77% of realtors admit that virtual home staging simplifies the visualization process for buyers who are more likely to perceive a home as their own.

Thanks to virtual staging real estate agents can sell empty homes 42% faster.

Incredibly robust. Unpredictably easy

It is enough to send photos of the property.

A team of talented and experienced designers will work on your order for its success.

We will make a research, pay attention to all peculiarities, and deliver the best possible result.

We will make a research, pay attention to all peculiarities, and deliver the best possible result.

What makes us different from other virtual staging companies?

Focus on quality and details

Our projects look very realistic and can be hardly distinguished from interior photography


We have an extensive collection of furniture models stored in pre-designed groups to achieve the unity of style.


Your success is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with the final result, we will give you a 100% refund.

Based in

Our designers and main office are located in San Francisco, US, so our staff is always happy to provide you with quality support and assistance.

Virtual Staging Before and After

How to order virtual staging properties?

Take photos of the property and send them to us (both professional and amateur photos are accepted).

Share your ideas about the style and provide examples (don’t forget about important details).

Wait for a while and enjoy the result (the staging process takes some time and soon final results will be sent to you back).

Why is virtual staging a necessity for modern real estate business?

Virtual staging is an exclusive service that helps sellers show the whole potential of the property for sale without painstaking and time-consuming furniture transportation and arrangement. It allows saving money and time as well as making property more appealing to buyers. Staged spaces look more attractive than empty rooms, so it immediately makes potential buyers pay attention to your listing, first of all. In 2020, every second professional realtor takes advantage of this service all around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What rooms are to be staged?

Our experts have come to the conclusion that an optimal number of photos for virtual staging is 6. We advise to focus on the following rooms: living room, 2 bedrooms, dining space, kitchen, and outdoor facilities.

Is it possible to get rid of the existing furniture of photos?

Naturally. Our experts will remove the existing pieces and add new examples that will make up an adorable interior design.

Are my photos suitable?

Our designers deal with photos of any quality. If you are satisfied with them, these photos are accepted for staging without any obstacles.

Where can I use the virtually staged photos?

Your virtual ‘staged’ photos will be sent to you at the same resolution as the base photos you provided us and will be in a .jpeg format, which is the same file format as on your digital camera. The photos are to be used only to market the specific property you identify on the order form and it is up to you to determine if the outlets where you want to post the virtual staging pictures will permit the use of virtually staged photos.

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Select a suitable plan and contact us with the help of our contact form. Our managers will answer all your questions with pleasure.