What is Virtual Staging?

What is Virtual Staging and how it works?

A type of staging when the interior is created from scratch or changed digitally in the graphic editor is called virtual staging. This technique has appeared as an alternative to actual home staging and became a more cost-effective solution to introduce limitless design elements in a fast and easy manner.

Home staging is a process of arranging furniture and decor for the rooms to look cozier and better. Virtual staging achieves the same goals but a designer applies changes not to the home and rooms but to their photos. Any empty room or space with some old furniture can acquire an absolutely new look with the help of special software. An interior designer can artfully stage any space and this image will look so realistic that it can be easily mistaken for a photo.

What is Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging for Realtors

Virtual home staging is a popular marketing tool used in different industries but it has also become an integral part of the real estate business. How can virtual staging help realtors? It is an excellent way to show the potential of vacant property and let potential buyers envision the real room size thanks to the furniture arranged there. Buyers can improve their impression about property offered for sale and imagine their happy life there.What is great about virtual staging for realtors is its versatility. One empty room can be provided with several styles of interior and uses – it can be transformed into a bedroom, home office, nursery room, etc. Moreover, 81% of prospects admit that staged property is much easier to visualize than unstated ones and digitally staged photos lead to a better listing appeal too.

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Who orders virtual staging services?

Looking at the results of virtual staging before and after photos can be used in different industries but currently, it is the most popular solution in the real estate business. These are realtors and real estate agents who order these services the most often nowadays, but they are not the only clients of virtual staging LLC.

Interior designers, architects, journalists, photographers, and employees of construction companies understand that virtual staging solutions can bring about benefits to their businesses too. They can use these photos in advertising campaigns, promoting their products, creating appealing content for their clients, etc.

How can virtual staging help?

Virtual staging can be used for a variety of purposes including the following assistance:

Make listings more appealing

Encourage buyers to buy unseen homes

Increase sales and the cost of the property

Target specific markets

Envision empty homes

Inspire potential buyers for new interior style

Save money and time on home staging

Save money and time on home staging

Photorealistic Virtual Staging

What can virtual staging be used for?

Virtual staging for real estate allows targeting exactly that audience you wanted to reach, but it is not the only way it can be used for. Virtual staging services are different and include not only adding furniture to the photograph but also decluttering, depersonalization, remodeling services. Digital staging allows replacing or removing existing furniture from the photo, changing lighting on images, restyling, changing paint colors and textures, etc. It is possible to provide photos of empty space and add new virtual staging furniture on it as well as remove or change everything that is already depicted on the image. 

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